E-Commerce 101

What is e-Commerce, and how does it have an impact on me and my business.  We'll be covering a number of subjects related to ecommerce in order to help you engineer success within your business.  

E-Commerce, also known as electronic commerce is when a transaction takes place through the internet. Whereas in Point of Sale (traditional commerce) there is a face to face interaction with the customer, e-Commerce allows customers to buy your goods from the comfort of their home through the internet. The primary conduit of e-Commerce is the webpage, where as a merchant you’re able to display your goods or services for everyone who visits your website. The "risk level" is higher for an ecommerce non-face to face transaction. There is a higher level of fraud possibility and the risk of chargebacks is greater, therefor placing a merchant categorized or flagged in a 'high risk' category. There are special providers who deal with and can approve these types of merchants. This kind of commerce has a distinct advantage over traditional point of sale commerce as merchants are able to reach anyone throughout the world as long as they have the internet.


E-Commerce, in its most basic form is relatively straight forward. Merchants have a website, where they advertise goods or services they have for sale. Customers then access the website and pay the merchant for whatever goods or services they wish to buy. With technology advancements adding the option for a customer to pay you online has become easier, especially if you choose a provider who specializes in e-Commerce.


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