Security & PCI 101

Today more than ever data security is critical in all business operations. Nowhere is this more important as it is with merchants, working to secure both their consumer information and the payment data stored on their machines. Security and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) are not only important but are required to operate a business where customer information is retained.


Security in all forms and for everyone is important as protecting your bottom line is critical to your success. From physical, online, computer and transactional, making sure your data has the appropriate level of protection can mean the different between success and failure.


Payment Card Industry (“PCI”) security standards are set by a council in order to provide merchants with a set of criteria which will go a long way in protecting card holder data. These standards globally govern all merchants and organizations that store, process or transmit card holder data. These standards are constantly updated to stay in line and hopefully ahead of the criminals who would wish to use this information nefariously.


Remember, businesses of any size that store, process or transmist card holder payment information must adhere to these guidelines




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