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At Merchant University - We are empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to have a firm grasp and understanding of the Payment Industry. Whether you sell or service merchant accounts, are a merchant, 3rd party service provider or have a need to understand this industry better this is your one stop resource.


In order to have a successful relationship within the payment industry it is important to understand the day to day terms and terminology, do's, don'ts and how to's. The merchant services industry is truly a concentric circle which encompasses the merchant, the provider, the iso sales agent, the bank and any other party involved in the process. Since we all depend upon each other to make this a seamless and flawless process we should have, at minimum, a fundamental working knowledge of the payment industry.
This process is like a symphony, as one cannot be successful or work well without the other in this relationship.




Here is the knowledge

...and information you need to make informed, educated decisions and understand the in's and out's of the merchant services industry.  We hope that you find this helpful and you use it as a reference as, together, we can make a difference, foster economic growth and bolster consumer confidence through education.


Stay a while, learn and expand your knowledge.


If you have any questions or need further clarity or additional information on any topic, even one that you may not see contained within, please contact us.


On behalf of the faculty and staff here at Merchant University, we welcome you!








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